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I so much enjoyed and appreciated being coached by Kathleen. She has a gift for holding sacred space and trusting the process. I loved how she consistently repeated back my own key words and phrases throughout each session. This was amazingly powerful and empowering! Each week she also picked up the thread, inviting me to see how the things I felt strongly about were connected to my core values. I learned that when I become aware of how something connects to my core values it clears away the clutter. I was delighted to see how I had moved significantly on all my initial goals and much more. I love, love, love the journey she supported me in. It kept me focused and accountable to myself, but not in a driven way.

- Fran Walsh, Mesa, AZ

Working with Kathleen has helped me identify my true self and given me the tools to undertake the concrete changes toward a more satisfying life. The decisions I make on a daily basis go hand in hand with the values I have identified by working with Kathleen. I now have a clear road - one navigated with awareness.

- MC, Miami, FL

I found Kathleen's coaching very helpful and felt safe sharing my thoughts and goals with her. She asked insightful questions and her gentle, yet firm, guidance kept me on course. Our time together was very productive and clarifying. I highly recommend Kathleen as a life coach.

- Karen King, New York, NY

Kathleen's coaching has been such an enormous help to me. Not only has she been able to help me clarify my thoughts but also has given me the confidence and guidance to move forward and make the changes that were needed to reach my goals.

- PJKM, Miami Beach, FL

Kathleen has guided me for the past few months with my work goals and values and in helping me get back on my life's path. I lost sight of all that with the loss of my job, which had kept me focused. As a result of her coaching I have re-gained a sense of control in order to move forward in a more positive direction. I highly recommend Kathleen as a professional life coach. Because of her I look forward to a brighter future with my career.

- S. McCabe, New York, NY